About the program

The Market-Fresh Cuisine Program helps you connect your passion for food with an exciting career as a professional cook. Cooks who have completed the program acquire the creativity and know-how to be able to prepare original dishes and menus. You will be introduced to both innovative and healthy cooking.

Discover the latest products and modern cooking methods through this hands-on training program. You will be encouraged to actively participate in lively discussions with our seasoned teaching staff and explore new developments in the food industry and the latest cooking techniques. Through fieldtrips and a field placement experiences, you will get to meet and work with accomplished chefs and restaurateurs in a real world setting. We are proud to be the Centre of Expertise in Quebec for the culinary cooking arts.

Skills you will learn:

  • How to make charcuterie products, bread making, dessert creation, and preparing a variety of dishes using local and international ingredients
  • Recipe creation
  • Creating market fresh menus and readying a professional kitchen for service

A career as a chef
Chefs are in high demand globally and many go on to open their own restaurants. We have very strong ties to the food industry and an excellent reputation in Quebec. We work with our students to help them find work after graduation.




This Market Fresh Cuisine course is amazing! It opened another world on the way you choose to eat and knowing where your food comes from.



I learned 3 times more in the program then in 6 months in the field.